Vents Magazine: Will Packer – Hoster Of The Month

Will Packer is at an all time high right now. Today, he sits in the studio to complete ADR work on No Good Deed dropping this September, as well as reviewing new pages to Ride Along 2. In between, he takes a call or to for press: “You hopped off another call to get to the more important one,” he comedically remarks. but all in good fun.

The most successful film producer today may also just be the mod welcoming, having a lighthearted presence that reflects each of his comedies. One minute into an interview and you catch something unanticipated about the 40-year-old big wig. He’s barren of the hackneyed Hollywood pretension you’d expect from a hot shot who can count five number one debuts in the last seven years.

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Will Packer, Vents Magazine