Uptown Magazine: I Got The Power

Will Packer is remarkably down to earth and seemingly accessible for a man whose films bring in nine figures at the box office.

It might have something to do with his age. With 40 being the new 30 (after this interview, Packer flew the Bahamas where he celebrated the milestone with his family and super-famous friends) it’s fair to say the casual, “take it in stride” vibe the multi-million dollar producer gives off is a product of having to constantly adjust his measure of success. He’s also the antithesis of some of our latest Hollywood heroes, most notably the lovely Lupita Nyong’o, now a household name after scoring an Oscar for her debut role in 12 Years A Slave. Packer, however, has been shuffling in Hollywood for two decades. He was just 19 when he and writer/director Rob Hardy relied on youthful optimism to produce their first film, 1994’s Chocolate City. He’s produced 20 films (and counting) since then, and instead of coasting comfortably, he continually takes on bigger challenges.

“This year my goal was to have my first $100 million movie, and I have that with the first movie that I released this year” says Packer. “Now I have to set my sights and my goals even higher.” Ride Along helped the Florida A&M, magna cum laude grad reach his goal while also solidifying his ability to make movies with a thinner cultural line.