Ebony Magazine: Will Power

Will Packer has become Hollywood’s go-to producer for high-quality—and box office-topping—films that reflect the black experience. Earlier this year for About Last Night, Michael Ealy cracked to a room full of reporters that whenever Will Packer calls, his response is an automatic yes, almost without hearing what the film is.

Will Packer, Ebony July 2014

His rationale makes sense: Every film Ealy has worked on with the producer has been a box office success. Takers, the 2010 crime thriller that also starred Idris Elba, brought in more than $70 million. Two years ago, it was Think Like a Man that left industry insiders scratching their heads, trying to figure out how a feature film with a majority-Black ensemble cast managed to rake in some $96 million, which is particularly impressive considering it cost $12 million to make. And About Last Night didn’t fare too shabbily, either; it’s earned more than $48 million and cost about $12.5 million to make.